Terror in the Twin Cities

Episode 3: The Conclusion

At the beginning of the episode Lev "The Bear" was taken by police and he called Jack for assistance as a reimbursement for his earlier lead about Habib the Chechen drug dealer.  Jack simply ignored his pleas and was then reamed out by his boss Deputy Director Pistole for not utilizing local law enforcement in his investigation.

The group then found out information that led them to believe that their undercover Nadif was the second driver in the terror attack; which lead them to begin searching for the other driver.  Quickly find out from differing sources that one driver, Yousef, is going to be a decoy, and that the driver of the real attack is nowhere to be found.

Following this was the investigation of Nadiyah Rahman, the bank teller who was the only contact between Imam Mahammad Kahalil and the local bank.  After her door was kicked in she claimed that she was forced to assist the Imam and his cronies and that on three separate occasions her baby had been kidnapped and was not returned back to her until she had agreed to continue helping the Islamists.  After being threatened with jail time and with the possibility of being separated again from her baby because of Jack’s threats, Nadiyah became hysterical and fought against Jack when he attempted to take the baby out of her hands.  After a brief scuffle the baby was dropped to the ground and Nadiyah was taken out of the house in handcuffs screaming at her neighbors that armed men are trying to kill her and that the police had murdered her baby. 

On their way back to the station a large plume of smoke was seen in the distance and the group was informed from their dispatcher that when a team was about to enter the Mosque, on their orders, that Imam Mahammad Kahalil detonated an explosive that destroyed almost an entire city block, including the Mosque and all of the evidence that the team had hoped to recover from there.
When the group got back to the station, Deputy Director Pistole relieved Jack of command and instructed him to take no further part of the case.  Lucy was promoted to command the group and grudgingly told Assistant Police Chief Al-Malik about the upcoming Mall of America attack.  Al-Malik flipped out and threatened to ignore Lucy and her crew until the operation is over. 

After being verbally assaulted by Al-Malik, Lucy set up a meet with the undercover operator Nadif.  The group (with Jack incognito) went to meet with Nadif’s while he was driving his 18-wheeler truck in a crappy part of town. However, whenever the team arrived at the meeting place the truck appeared to be abandoned. 
Yasabi decided to investigate the truck and when he got up the truck he saw what looked like Nadif’s body laying dead on the seat of the truck with the glass of the window shattered.
Instead of entering the vehicle, Yasabi turned around to call Jack up for assistance with the truck, when he was shot in the upper shoulder from afar.  Yasabi rolled under the truck as Lucy exited the car, grabbed her sniper rifle out of the truck, and sought cover in a concrete restroom in the park.  As Lucy scanned for the hidden sniper Jack drove the car up to the 18-wheeler and Yasabi jumped in.

Using her sniper training from the military, Lucy took aim at a reflection on a rooftop roughly 500 yards away and squeezed her trigger.  After exchanging three rounds with the sniper, the reflection did not reappear and the team cautiously drove up to the building and entered carefully.    

Lucy went up the stairs first to inspect her kill and on the roof of the building she found an off-duty S.W.A.T. officer with a sniper rifle lying next to his corpse.  The group begins to feel even stronger that someone high-up in the law enforcement food chain is assisting the terrorists and was actively working against them.
When the police arrive at the 18-wheeler they disarm three bobby traps and proclaim that Nadif was indeed the dead man laid out in the truck.

With few leads remaining, the team went to the Crescent Moon Bakery, which was only a few block from the recently destroyed Mosque.  The Crescent Moon Bakery was the former employer of Jalal Turk, the man who was first captured and it was also supposed to be where Nadif was to receive his final instructions.  With nothing to lose and with time running out, Lucy entered the bakery from a rear entrance and Yasabi entered the store from the front.

In a back storage room, Lucy rummaged around, found some incriminating evidence, but unfortunately she found nothing solid.  Nothing that is, until a cell-phone vibrated in a desk drawer.  Unable to muster enough courage to answer the phone, Lucy waited until the phone stopped ringing, she waited for the vibration alert that a message had been left and then she flipped-open the phone.  Lucy was shocked when she heard the enraged voice of Assistant Police Chief Al-Malik chastising whom he thought was the second truck driver wondering where he was and stating that he had altered his troops’ locations so that the attack could proceed as planned.

With the incriminating evidence in hand, Lucy snuck back to her car only to find that Yasabi had a handcuffed Somali in the backseat of their car whom he explained was their mysterious second driver:  Ishan Yousef.  

Lucy called Deputy Director Pistole of their find and he shocked them by telling them that he was not surprised.  Pistole told the team that the F.B.I. had been watching Al-Malik for the last four years in regards to terrorism but never had enough evidence to prosecute.  Pistole then told the team that they had done a great job and that the F.B.I. already had Al-Malik in custody and that the threat from him was over.

Pistole then informed the team that Lucy would keep her promotion as head of the Minnesota F.B.I., Yasabi would be returned back to the Mossad with a huge monetary thank you to the Israeli government, and that Jack was going to be sued by Nadiyah Rahman for the wrongful death of her son.  Pistole reassured Jack that he would do everything in his power to help him but noted that there was a chance that Jack could spend some time in jail.   

Episode 2: Dissassembling the Networks

At the beginning of the episode The F.B.I. was contacted by a young Somali-American (Nadif) who says he had an interest in joining the Beauru.  The taskforce put him forth as a "willing" recruit to the Imam; after the initial introductions were made the Imam asked Yasabi to"procure" a large truck.

While on the mission, Jack received a message that he had a vistor at the F.B.I. headquarters and that the contact had information regarding the ongoing case agains the cell.  When Jack goes back to headquarters he found Lev "The Bear" waiting for him – a Russian mobster whom Jack has worked with in the past.  Lev told Jack that there is a Chechen drug dealer (Habib) on the streets whom Lev believes is involved with the cell that Jack is chasing.  In return for this information Lev asked Jack for a "future favor".

The team then tracked down Habib, both threatening him to turn over information about the Somalicell and to go to work for the taskforce.  This was done by Jack holding an unloaded weapon into the mouth of Habib in an abandoned warehouse.  After Habib conceded to these "requests" the local police arrived (Lt. Kowalski) was first on the scene. 

After stonewalling Kowalski, his superior, Deputy Police Chief Ali arrived on the scence and had a heated exchange with Jack about "future cooperation".  Ali was insulted by both Jackand Lucy.  Ali insisted that he would help if he knew what was going on.

The group then sent Habib undercover in the Mosque to meet with the Imam.  Habib found out information that lead to the groups actalization that the Imam was/is being contacted by someone above him (via beeper) and that they communicate by writing draft emails but never sending them. Also, the group found out that the target of the attack is going to be on Saturday afternoon at 12:00 in the Mall of America.  There is going to be a huge interfaith ceremony between a bishop in the Greek Orthodox Church and an Orthodox Rabbi from Israel.

The group then found out that the Imam only has transactions with one specific teller who also happens to be Somali.  The group bugged her home and found out that she was going to have a late-night meeting with a local hardware store owner about faciliitating the purchase of explosives for a terror attack who was also under suspicion of being a terrorist.  The group tapped her phones but did not intercept her during their meeting.  

The next morning the group found out that Lt. Kowalski was driving by the hardware store on a "routine inspection" and was shot at.  He was not injuned, called for backup, and a stand-off insued.  S.W.A.T. was sent to the scene of the crime and when they stormed the building, the owner and his two sons (who were armed and actively fighting the police) were killed and the owners daughter (who was being used as a human shield) was also killed.

Moments after the standoff was ended by the S.W.A.T. team Jack received a message that Habib, their Chechen contact had been found murdered in an alleyway that morning in an "apparent Mafya-style excectution".

Episode 1: The Terror Begins

Episode 1 began with an introduction from our local FOX NEWS UPDATE 1 affiliate that gave a brief overview of the present state of the War on Terror.

Then from there the action went to the briefing room where Col. Thomas J Masters informed the team of their first mission:  Swoop down out of the sky in a LittleBird helicopter, disembark, find Wali-ur-Rehman Meshud, eliminate or capture him, eliminate or capture any other High Value Targets (HVTs) eliminate any hostile preseneces in the area, and recover any valuable intelligence about local / international terror networks.  

When the LittleBird landed the 5 man group split into 2 two-man assault teams with Lawrence McHenry providing cover with his SAW.

One guard was visable immediatly in front of one of the two target buildings and was dropped before he had a chance to react by the SAW of Lawrenec McHenry.  As Trey Nation and Lee ran towards one of the target buildins a wild-eyed man exited the target building and fired in the general direction of the assault team.  Fortuanatly no-one was hit by his impercise aim and Trey and Lee were on him within a matter of seconds and Trey silenced him with a three-round burst to his cranium.

While this assault was taking place Sgts. Thomas and Jerry were exchanging fire with two other men who had exited the second target building.  The two men were spraying their AKs wildly at the intermittent muzzle flashes but with no success.  Within minutes, both of the fanatical suspects had been dropped from wounds from their heads.

Back at the first target building, Lee threw a flashbang into the building and immediately rushed in.  Inside the room was a dazed and immobile hostile that Lee instantly subdued and restrained.  A further search of the room would led to the capture of a laptop that would later turn up some interesting information. 

Silence filled the area, and Lawrence began working his way over to where Sgts. Thomas and Jerry were secruing the second target building.  As Lawrence approached the building he began to hear someone crying out for assistnace in a heavily accented voice.  After a thorough search of the area, a trapdoor was found under a Persian rug and revleaed a small chamber in the baesment that held rusty farming tools and a captive French journalist. 

After questioning the French journalist it was established that he was one of two journalists who were recently captured by Taliban and that in the last safe house that he was at he saw a meeting between African Islamists and the Taliban.  He also mentioned that the he kept hearing the word "missile" in the conversation.

While the journalist was being questioned Lee was interrogating his restrained suspect and found out that the man was a local claimed that he grabbed his weapon only because he heard shooting outside of his compound.  He claimed innocence about not being a member of the Taliban and says that he has never even seen Wali-ur Meshud.  Nonetheless, the man was put aboard the exfil choopper and was taken back to the base with the rest of the team as a large formation of Taliban troops were beginning to ascend the hilltop from the town below.

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