Terror in the Twin Cities

Episode 2: Dissassembling the Networks

At the beginning of the episode The F.B.I. was contacted by a young Somali-American (Nadif) who says he had an interest in joining the Beauru.  The taskforce put him forth as a "willing" recruit to the Imam; after the initial introductions were made the Imam asked Yasabi to"procure" a large truck.

While on the mission, Jack received a message that he had a vistor at the F.B.I. headquarters and that the contact had information regarding the ongoing case agains the cell.  When Jack goes back to headquarters he found Lev "The Bear" waiting for him – a Russian mobster whom Jack has worked with in the past.  Lev told Jack that there is a Chechen drug dealer (Habib) on the streets whom Lev believes is involved with the cell that Jack is chasing.  In return for this information Lev asked Jack for a "future favor".

The team then tracked down Habib, both threatening him to turn over information about the Somalicell and to go to work for the taskforce.  This was done by Jack holding an unloaded weapon into the mouth of Habib in an abandoned warehouse.  After Habib conceded to these "requests" the local police arrived (Lt. Kowalski) was first on the scene. 

After stonewalling Kowalski, his superior, Deputy Police Chief Ali arrived on the scence and had a heated exchange with Jack about "future cooperation".  Ali was insulted by both Jackand Lucy.  Ali insisted that he would help if he knew what was going on.

The group then sent Habib undercover in the Mosque to meet with the Imam.  Habib found out information that lead to the groups actalization that the Imam was/is being contacted by someone above him (via beeper) and that they communicate by writing draft emails but never sending them. Also, the group found out that the target of the attack is going to be on Saturday afternoon at 12:00 in the Mall of America.  There is going to be a huge interfaith ceremony between a bishop in the Greek Orthodox Church and an Orthodox Rabbi from Israel.

The group then found out that the Imam only has transactions with one specific teller who also happens to be Somali.  The group bugged her home and found out that she was going to have a late-night meeting with a local hardware store owner about faciliitating the purchase of explosives for a terror attack who was also under suspicion of being a terrorist.  The group tapped her phones but did not intercept her during their meeting.  

The next morning the group found out that Lt. Kowalski was driving by the hardware store on a "routine inspection" and was shot at.  He was not injuned, called for backup, and a stand-off insued.  S.W.A.T. was sent to the scene of the crime and when they stormed the building, the owner and his two sons (who were armed and actively fighting the police) were killed and the owners daughter (who was being used as a human shield) was also killed.

Moments after the standoff was ended by the S.W.A.T. team Jack received a message that Habib, their Chechen contact had been found murdered in an alleyway that morning in an "apparent Mafya-style excectution".



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