• Jack Cooper

    Jack Cooper

    Jack Cooper is the head of the F.B.I. taskforce that is charged with eliminating the Somali-American terrorist cell.
  • Lawrence McHenry

    Lawrence McHenry

    Tough but likeable thinker from Boston, Mass
  • Lee


    Was brought to the United States from North Korea as an infant, has had an exemplery military carrear and currently leads a Delta Force (D-Team) Team
  • Lucy Castillo

    Lucy Castillo

    She is still physically fit after leaving the U.S. a few years back and has a analytical and poignant mind.
  • Trey Nation III

    Trey Nation III

    Trey is 6'2 and a wirey 180lbs. He is an expert with the M-4 assault rifle in its burst format.
  • Yasabi Bad Haiven

    Yasabi Bad Haiven

    He is a lethal and intelligent asset that is on loan to the F.B.I. from Mossad.