Yasabi Bad Haiven

He is a lethal and intelligent asset that is on loan to the F.B.I. from Mossad.


Yasabi's early life is unknown even to his Mossad handlers whom he has worked for since the Palestinian uprising in 2000.  He has worked undercover for his entire carrear including stints in an Albanian drug cartel, exposing a Israeli-Russian prostitution ring, and going deep undercover in Yemen (possibly his country of origin). 

More recently, in an effort to smooth relations with the United States, Yasabi was loaned to the American F.B.I. to go undercover to help expose a Somali-American terror cell.

Yasabi is a master of the silenced execution, the "forceful" extration of information from unwilling subjects, and the blunt personality to match.

Yasabi Bad Haiven

Terror in the Twin Cities stlwarrior