First Mission

As the briefing room closes behind you, Colonel Thomas J Masters instructs you to “sit down and listen up!”  Masters is 6’3, stands ramrod straight in his digital-pattern camouflage, and is as bald as he is black.  

“Men, I’ll get straight to the point.  We’ve got credible up-to-date intel on the number 2 HVT in all of Pakistani Taliban:  Wali-ur-Rehman Mehsud.  He is the current leader of the Taliban inside of Pakistan.  

Our contact on this mission is codenamed FIREBRAND because he works in one of the local Wahhabi madrassas helping disadvantaged Jihadists find their martyr selves as well a militant Allah.  FIREBRAND was flipped about a year-and-a-half ago when the then Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud forced his younger mentally retarded brother to carry out a suicide bombing of an all girls’ school in Southern Pakistan.  Apparently some of these people do have a conscience because a few weeks later FIREBRAND contacted us and asked how he could help.  

For the skeptics in the audience FIREBRAND has already helped us capture three minor targets and was the guy who passed us the information that directly led to Baitullah Mehsuds’ untimely death at the hands of a Predator drone’s Hellfire Missile last year.  So, FIREBRAND is the real deal.  

FIREBRAND has received intelligence that tells us that Wali is going to see his favorite wife in a small village tonight before he heads off to a large meeting of Taliban bigwigs tomorrow.  Now, unfortunately for us, FIREBRAND does NOT know where the meeting will be held but he is aware of the location of the wife.

We will conduct three other simultaneous takeoffs, maneuvers, and landings at three other locations to pull some attention off of your assault.   At your request, your cover teams will be inserted by Blackhawks outside of the village/compound and your assault will be dropped off by Littlebirds inside of the compound.   

Your mission is to ELIMINATE or CAPTURE Wali-ur-Rehman Mehsud, ELIMINATE or CAPUTRE other HVTs and to ELIMINATE all other hostile presences in the area.  Lastly, secure as much intel as possible.  When you have accomplished these tasks call for extraction and we will bring you home.

In this folder you should find all relevant information about FIREBRAND, your mission which is codenamed OPERATION FIRE DUST, and the support that you’ll have available.  In less you have any further questions I shall leave you up to your own devices.

First Mission

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