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Press Release for FOX Nightly News 2-15-2010

The renewed efforts by the revitalized Taliban have been a major thorn in the side of the current administration.  While this administration has had its hands full with fighting increased unemployment while also trying to halt the weakening of the economy, the situation along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border is becoming dire for residents there.

For the last year and a half numerous tribes along this border have switched their allegiance away from their respective governments and have joined with the resurgent Taliban.  N.A.T.O. forces in the area have reported that local villagers are becoming increasingly hostile and N.A.T.O. officials have aired public fears that this trend may be spreading to other parts of these fledgling nations.

In a press conference earlier today in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, the American Commander in Eastern Afghanistan, Major General Thomas Ventrelli, stated that N.A.T.O. troops would be aggressively pursuing the Taliban and that freedom would again been seen in this war-torn nation.

Major General Thomas Ventrelli stated that, “with the well-trained and motivated N.A.T.O. troops at my disposal, I am confident that the remnants of the Taliban will be systematically and effectively neutralized so that the good people of this area can breathe free and easy again.”

In other world news today, the Yemeni government has said that it has reached an agreement with Al-Qaeda linked separatists there and that more information about this agreement would be forthcoming.  Obama administration officials have recently mentioned their fears of a resurgent Al-Qaeda in the Horn of Africa region. 

Also today, a short video tape was released by the Taliban of two French Journalists who were captured almost three weeks ago just outside of Kabul.  The tape was given to the French Television station France 3 today where the journalists asked their government to increase the speed of negotiations with the Taliban over their release.  The French government has declined to answer any questions regarding this new development.

Finally tonight, director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, who has been criticized for her comments following the attempted Christmas Day bombing, said today that while America still faces sizeable threats both here and abroad, that she is confident that her department can and will keep Americans safe.   

For FOX News, I’m Shepherd Smith.  Goodnight.

FOX NEWS Update 1

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