Information retrieved from laptop secured on the night of February 15th by the National Intelligence Agency.

Top Secret – Eyes Only!!!

List of Taliban meetings from the months of January and February of 2010.

    Meeting with “African brothers” mentioned
    Discussion about “transfer of weapons” to “African brothers”   discussed on numerous occasions.
    No final verdict about “transfer” found on laptop

Comments regarding the effectiveness of the current American unmanned drone offensive in the tribal areas. (Apparently the Pakistani Taliban leadership are deathly afraid of the UAVs and are unsure of how to combat their effectiveness.)

Information regarding the placement of Taliban troops within the Helmand province of Southern Afghanistan. (Information about troops has been forwarded to Gen. Stanley McChrystal.)

List of name of Taliban contacts in and around North Waziristan
    The actual name of Firebrand was NOT one of the names listed.
    Leads on numerous forthcoming terrorist attacks in Pakistan,    Britain, Philippines, and the U.S.

    No information on any link to a Minneapolis based terrorist cell.


Terror in the Twin Cities stlwarrior