Welcome to the Terror in the Twin Cities:  America Fights Back campaign.  We are using Bedrock Games new ruleset entitled Terror Network.

Mission / Episode 1 was run on February 16th of 2010.  

In Mission / Episode 1 an American Delta Force Squardon offloaded a LittleBird helicopter just outside of the Afghani / Pakistani town of Shikin while looking for Wali-ur-Rehman – a high level Taliban leader within the Federally Administered Tribal Lands of North Waziristan.  Unfortunately, the target was not there, but a French journalist was rescued.

Back on the homefront, a FBI taskforce made contact with a local Imam in Minneapolis  who asked a FBI undercover agent to recruit a local Somali-American for an upcoming strike at the Great Satan.

Mission / Episode 2 was run on February 24th of 2010.

In Mission / Episode 2 the Minneapolis-based F.B.I. taskforce began ramping up their investigation into a local Somali terrorist cell.

Numerous contacts were run down and a Russian Mafyioso showed up to assist the investigation mentioning that a Chechen drug dealer may be involved.

Bodies began to pile up, contacts were turned to assist the investigation, and the local authorities both helped and hindered the pursuit.

The session ending with the revelation that the Chechen drug dealer who had assisted the F.B.I. had been murdered in an apparent Russian Mafya style.

 Mission / Episode 3 was run on March 3rd of 2010.

This episode was the finale of the Somali-American terrorist attempt / attack in Minnesota.  Read on for the conclusion.  

Terror in the Twin Cities